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We respond to the specific needs of each, from the smallest to the largest of projects. Our flexibility is based on a broad distribution network, integrated production systems and significant production capacity. These characteristics have allowed us to achieve market leadership in the interior design sector.


We provide a close-at-hand service throughout the different stages of a project –design, installation, maintenance and after-sales service- via our organisations in Spain, Greece, Brazil and Chile, and our extensive distribution network formed by 48 approved companies in Spain, 11 in Brazil, 5 in France and 18 in the rest of the world.


Our distributors are companies with experience in the interior architecture sector, all with their own warehouses, appropriate financial structures and staff qualified to design and make quotations for specific projects, manage and perform the work involved and ensure a solid after-sales service. These companies are customer-orientated and they share Movinord’s values and working methods.


Likewise, our approved, serene climate-control fitters are companies qualified to design, calculate, install and maintain all of the applications of the system.


We maintain a close relationship with our distributors: we train their staff, provide them with project design software, assist them in the development of special systems and support their sales processes. We also provide them with technical documentation, promotional material and product samples.


For suspended ceilings, we have a network of specialised resellers who either install the product or just supply it.


Is your company interested in forming part of the Movinord distribution network? Do not hesitate to get in touch with us 




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