Ceiling profiles


Movinord?s suspension systems can be used with all types of suspended ceiling: metal, mineral, plaster, wood, etc. The range consists of series 15, 24 and 35 inverted-T profiles and angle profiles. These are available in any of the 27 colours on the standard colour range.

  • The series 15, 24 and 35 suspension systems are made of Sendzimir galvanised steel, cold-rolled and profiled to form inverted T?s. The visible surface is coated with a strip of pre-painted, galvanised steel. Comprising maint-tee and cross-tee profiles, machining included.
  • The 1930, 2430, 3030, T27 and M30 angle-finish suspension systems are made of cold-profiled, pre-painted steel and the F28 is made of PVC.
  • The clip-in profile is a suspension system specifically designed for use with Movinord clip-in metal tiles with hidden profiling.
  • Spacer profiles are used to reinforce the structures of 300-mm wide x variable length metal ceilings.







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