Mercedes Benz

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The project
The Mercedes Benz factory was built in 1954 in Avenida de Los Huetos in Vitoria on a surface of 11,300 m2.
In 2003, the factory was totally transformed in order to start production of the Vito van and the Viano people carrier, doubling the size of both the constructed surface and the workforce, which reached 4,200. The new facilities were technically equipped to reach production levels of up to 140,000 vehicles a year. Total investment reached ? 800 m.
On the factory?s 50th anniversary, in 2004, the company changed its name to Daimler Chrysler España, S.A., forming part of a business group with more than 360,000 employees.


The project consisted of distributing the 4-storey vehicle-assembly plant office building, housing offices, meeting rooms, corridors and reception areas.


The office spaces were compartmentalised using the M92 demountable system with horizontal grooving with an Azul fresco panel surface finish and Ral 9006 profiling, together with Movinord HPL-coated doors and handles. The system was finished off with wall cover and wall storage.
In order to attain suitable acoustic absorption levels, micro-perforated Movinord Clip-in metal ceilings, in RAL 9006, were also fitted.

File Address:
Av. Huetos, 73-75
01010 Vitoria-Gasteiz. Alava. Spain
TEL +34 945 185 000 Installed in: 2003
Project and site management: Mikel Garbizu (GLM)
Installed by: C. Prada

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