Valencia Justice Centre

Sector: Public Administration Product: Partitions


The Generalitat Valenciana (Autonomous Government of Valencia) decided to create a building to house all of its different judicial services, until then located at different points around the city of Valencia: a total of 100 courtrooms, the Provincial Court and shared services. The architect Alfredo Batuecas won the tender for the project. The concept was based on a prism divided by light along its longitudinal axis, forming a Mediterranean street. The ?street? separates the two bodies comprising the 6- and 5- storey complex which houses the areas of greatest convergence, such as the courtrooms, cafeteria and professional associations. The Justice Centre also has a ?24-hour? building, a lower prismatic volume located in the southernmost extreme and separated from the main building by a courtyard which both lights and ventilates the interior areas. This building houses all of the administrative services which the complex needs in order to operate properly. From a functional point of view, the different areas of the Centre have been organised using safety criteria, the pyramid adapting to the number of people foreseen for each: greater flow of public on the lower floors and less on the higher ones.


About 1,500 individual offices, 450 conference rooms and ?24-hour? courtrooms, all communicated by 65 corridors, needed to be fitted out. The aim was both to seek homogeneity in terms of design and to adapt the modulation to the interior space.


The interiors were distributed with the M92 demountable partition system, which lends great flexibility and a neat appearance to the installations. 1,250- mm glazed modules, respecting the modulations of the building, were used. Gris Marengo was chosen for profiling and PVC coatings, with Gris Luna and Haya for the panels. A total of 43,000 m2 of demountable partitioning were installed.

File Address:
Avda. del Saler, nº 14
46013 Valencia
T. 961 929 000
Installed in: 2004
Architect: Alfredo Batuecas
Project designed by: Carmen Dorta
Contractor/Builder: UTE/ FCCEDIFES-DRAGADOS (management FCC)
Interior project and installation: Ofimam/Cador
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